Meet Adaora Nwodo

The Miss Dee Show is anchored  by Miss Adaora Stephanie Nwodo, who is a philanthropist and renowned entrepreneur that has motivated youths all around with her zeal to be successful and relevant through her inspirational/ educational talks and sickle cell awareness programmes which she carries out in High schools in the F.C.T. She has made a huge impact in her fight in sensitizing the country about sickle cell anaemia and supplying drugs and financial help to the less privileged with this ailment thus “HELPING STOP THE PAIN” which is her NGO slogan.

More Info About Adaora

Name: Adaora Stephanie Angelica Nwodo
Birthday : 14th Oct
Home town: Ukehe, Enugu State
Siblings: 3
Educational background: BA in Law, LLB, MSc Management and HRM
Institutions Attended: Model secondary school abuja, University of Reading and Birmingham City University, UK
Favourite colour: Fushia pink and black
Favourite food: Indomie, singapore fried rice and Abacha.

Hobby: Watching Nigerian movies and swimming.

Best part of my body: My fingers
Favourite quote: “You can do whatever you put your mind to”.

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